Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pregnancy Update: 12 weeks to go!

It has been quite a while since I've blogged, but felt inspired today to sit down and write some of the things going on around here. I am officially 12 weeks away from delivering our little boy. I'm having a repeat c-section, so we scheduled delivery day for June 17th at my last dr.'s appointment. I am so excited and feeling like now is the time to get some things done to prepare. A couple of days ago I made a list of things I want to get done in the next 12 weeks. I'm usually not too much of a list maker, just groceries mainly, but I thought it might be helpful to write some things down to keep myself on track. I have really been thankful during this pregnancy to be able to read the blogs of other women getting ready too. It has given me some great ideas. So here's the list:

Wash and put away baby clothes- Got this done this week. I was concerned that since our other son was born in January, the clothes might not work, but God is so good, I have more than enough basics to clothe this new little guy. Once again, God has shown how He provides.

Get crib ready

Make food to freeze
- An idea I got from another blogger. I'm not going to go overboard, but thought it might be helpful to make a few things ahead and freeze. I'm going to do easy things like meatballs, waffles, pizza dough, taco meat, etc. Thankfully, ground chuck is on sale this week, so I'm going to stock up a little bit.

Pack for hospital

Buy diapers and wipes when on sale- I use cloth diapers when my babies are little- saves us so much money and not too hard to use- but the first few weeks it is nice to not worry about too much laundry. Plus, it is good to have diapers when going out.

Clean back room, move in futon- Right now this room is a catch-all room. My parents are coming right after the baby is born, so we definitely need to get the space ready for them.

Clean our bedroom, make room for bassinet- Definitely don't want to be tripping over things when getting up with the baby at night.

Put away winter, pull out summer clothes for kids

Pull together clothes for me to wear post-baby
- That oh-so-fun time when nothing fits!

Buy mini-van- We're joining the mini-van clan. Thankfully, we have tax money to help pay for it.

Help Lilia and Benjamin pick out a present for new baby- Not too worried about sibling rivalry, but want to do everything I can to make the transition smooth for them.

Well, that mostly does it. A few things might get dropped or added in the next 12 weeks. I'm so excited to get ready for and meet this little blessing very soon!

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