Friday, January 2, 2009


Doesn't the title make you think of the song from "Fiddler on the Roof?" Last night, before we put the kids to bed, I had this realization that we were establishing traditions for our children. I felt really honored that God had given me the privilege of passing down traditions to my children. Some of them carry over from our childhoods. Others are new and creative ideas that we are using with our kids. What an awesome way to give our kids a sense of who they are and where they come from.

The thing that led me to this train of thought was a tradition my husband has started with the kids before bed. Rather than reading a book (though that still happens sometimes), Gerrad and the kids take turns telling stories. Occasionally, I get to join them. The stories are usually very simple, sometimes silly, but so much fun. I love to see the creative minds of my children at work. I'm also thankful for the opportunity it gives us to share our past, truths about God, and the values we hold onto. I pray that when my kids look back at this tradition, they will remember it with joy and realize how much love we had as we shared this with them.

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Tami said...

It is so great that God has intrusted us as parents to train up our kids. We ARE the ones to start traditions for our kids to pass down to their kids. I love that your husband tells stories with the kids! That's so good for them to learn to tell stories. You'll have to write some of them down and save them for when they are older. My youngest son LOVES for us to make up stories and tell them to him. The hard part is when he wants us to tell him that exact story again but we can't remember how it went!!