Friday, October 31, 2008

Christmas in October

I decided I wanted to play around a little bit with adding things to my blog, like pictures. Also, thought this was a fun one to post, since it is all of the family and kind of a fun story. My parents came to visit us for a couple weeks during October. We decided it would be fun to celebrate Christmas with them while they were here. It is really hard and expensive to travel in December, so it will be a rare occasion that we will be able to celebrate together at Christmas time. We set up the tree and some of the decorations. The kids had a blast helping. We turned on the Christmas music, and planned a special meal. It was awesome. It felt so nice to share that time of giving to each other, without the commercialism and busyness that seems to permeate the Christmas season. Have to say it helped the budget a little bit to, spreading out the gift-giving. We moved the tree to a back room and went back to enjoying fall, but I wouldn't have traded that special time with my parents and kids for anything.

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Stephanie said...

Ahh your parents look exactly the same as I remember them!
What a great idea to have an early Christmas with them! The picture of your family is adorable too :)