Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wow! Guess I'll give this a try.

I've been really enjoying reading blogs lately, so I thought maybe I would take a try at writing one. I love journaling, but often wish I could share all the many day-to-day happenings and stirrings going on in my life and inside my heart. I'm home a lot during the week raising my two sweet precious toddlers. It gives lots of time to think about God and life and all the things going on around me. I also really enjoy being a mom and am thrilled with the task God has given me with my husband to raise these amazing little people. I've been given the gift of having these welcomed guests in my home for the next couple decades and I'm finding it to be quite the adventure with all its joys and trials. So with this outlet, maybe I can work through some of the things swirling in my heart and mind, and also maybe in some ways, be a blessing to anyone that reads this.

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