Tuesday, May 27, 2008


How much joy I get from watching my daughter create! In her stumbling, young ways, she is creating beauty. I thrill in the ways she is growing and learning and becoming more of who God created her to be. It makes me think about how God must view us, His children. My daughter is not old enough or skilled enough to make straight lines or use shading or other techniques of a mature artist, yet in her attempts at what she can do, there is art. If she did not begin with what she can do, she would never grow and develop in her skills. How often do I not do things because I feel a lack of skill or ability. I have a feeling God takes delight in my attempts, because I attempt. And maybe I should take her cue, and without pride, ask for help in the things that I'm not able to do on my own. Like me with my daughter, I think God is more than willing to lend help because I ask.

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