Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ups and Downs

Today is a good day. I heard a guy say on T.V. last night that, "Everyday is a good day. Some are just better than others." So I guess I should say today is one of my better days. I pray that I would keep that attitude about all my days. I am thankful for each one and all the blessings God gives in them. In the midst of my sickness, sometimes disobedient children, and any of the other things life throws my way, sometimes I forgot to have that perspective.

Life is a little bit of a, I guess the right word is, dichotomy. I find myself on each side of the coin. I am absolutely thrilled and excited to be expecting another baby. I feel such peace about my role as a wife and mother. I feel God's hand on our family in amazing ways. But then there is the flip side of the coin. Being pregnant is really tough. I am lot less sick than many people I'm sure, but I do have my times. And every day I battle this sense of lethargy. It takes all I have just to take care of my kids. I do not have a natural talent in keeping house. Cooking, love it! Cleaning, not so much. Before I got pregnant, I was really challenged in the area of self-discipline and carrying that over into my home. I struggled, but saw many victories along the way. I'm feeling total set-back right now. I'm not too hard on myself, because I know this is just a short period in my life. Things will get back to normal. There are moments when I do get overwhelmed though. But overall, like I said, today was one of my "better" good days.